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中国福彩网官方网手机版:Champion Smiles Created in China—Cooperation Reached between Angelalign and General Administration of Sports of China!

中国福彩网20选5 Source:angelalign Time:2017-09-27

On September 17, 2017, the banquet for "To the Beautiful China—2017 Angelalign Champion Smile Night" was successfully held on the eve of the Chinese Orthodontic Annual Session in Hongqiao, Shanghai, China.


The evening party announced the cooperation between Angelalign and Training Bureau under the General Administration of Sports of China--Angelalign will act as "sponsor to the sports training under Training Bureau" to care for athletes' smiles.



The banquet also invited Lv Tiehang, Deputy Director of the Training Bureau under the General Administration of Sports, the Olympic diving champion Chen Aisen, the butterfly stroke silver medalist Lu Ying, and many experts in orthodontics to witness Angelalign’s stepping onto the road of smiling champion.

The party was divided into three parts, and now we’ll share them with you.




At the party, MS. Li Huamin, CEO of Angelalign, told the story of herself and Angelalign with four key words: "dream, persistence, perfection and value". For the dream of a group of orthodontists--all Chinese can smile confidently, Angelalign has worked silently for 17 years.

Angelalign has, together with other institutions, developed a new medical polymer material MasterControl, a multi-model system MasterMulti, and an orthodontic mechanics simulation analysis system featuring overall environment elements MasterForce.


At the same time, Ms. Li Huamin announced that she would launch an excellent case library program iShareCase for Angelalign, whose motto is "More Value, More Achievement". Ms. Li Huamin said, "We hope to create more value for doctors by sharing, and also expect iShareCase to become a platform for the majority of orthodontists to communicate, learn and share."



Only in pursuit of perfection can one achieve a better self, which is the common choice of the new generation in China.

At the dinner party, we had the privilege of inviting four users of Angelalign: Liu Chang, founder of Banmi Travel and former Tencent senior manager, Longquan, founder of “What’s Worth Eating”, Sheng Hankang, Co-founder of XY App & senior Internet reporter, and Guo Xuehong, founder of NOW, to share their stories with us.


Liu Chang shared her feelings of use and her thoughts of choice: "A confident smile is important to me both in the workplace and in my life. I am a person who pursues perfection. Of course, I have to choose invisible braces that suit me to get a confident smile.


At the end of this part, Mr. Chen Kai, Chief Operating Officer of Angelalign, came to the stage to launch a new upgrade of Angelalign with users –-

○ The official website of Angelalign is newly online


○ The domain name of Angelalign's official website was updated to 中国福彩网20选5

For doctors and users, the upgraded Angelalign is full of content and fashion sense, and will certainly bring a new experience to everyone in terms of humanistic modernization.



For every athlete who has won the honor, the brilliant smile will be captured in the picture and will remain in the history for a long time.

Angelalign CEO Ms. Li Huamin and Deputy Director of the Training Bureau under the General Administration of Sports Lv Tiehang, the diving Olympic champion Chen Aisen, the butterfly stroke Olympic silver medalist Lu Ying, Professor Bai Yuxing and Professor Zhao Zhihe jointly unveiled the cooperation between Angelalign and the Training Bureau.

"Letting everyone who represents China's image on the world stage have a confident smile, is the original intention of Angelalign to cooperate with the Training Bureau under General Administration of Sports this time." Ms. Li Huamin introduced.

Deputy Director Lv Tiehang said, "The cooperation between the Training Bureau and Angelalign and the launch of the "Smiling Champion Plan" are aimed at supporting the wide national athletes with professional services in orthodontic and dental care, attention to their dental health, so as to make them more confident in the competition and show the bright smiles of the Chinese Olympic champions on the competition field and podium."

In the process, Deputy Director Lv Tiehang issued the authorization certificates to Angelalign as "a sponsor to the sports training of the Training Bureau" and "a provider of the guarantee products for national athletes in sports training".


Chen Aisen also shared his champion smile idea at the dinner party: "I think dental health is very important. When I won the gold medal and smiled brightly in face of the camera, I was proud of myself and hoped that China would be proud of me. On weekdays, our training is very hard, especially facing difficulties and failures, smiling in the mirror is the best way to motivate ourselves. Showing a bright smile is an expression of self-confidence and also an affirmation of one's own efforts."


Finally, on behalf of Angelalign, MS. Li Huamin presented the specially customized blue-and-white porcelain crown to the Training Bureau and made a good wish to China's sports cause.

For athletes, behind their every controlled swing of the racket, every breath made in the nick of time above water, and every plunge with calculated angle is their exercise day by day. This pursuit of perfection is right for the sake of leaving no regrets on the field.

This spirit of persistence not only exists among athletes, but also among Angels. From research and development, product creation to treatment plan design, we have repeatedly verified each link. After polishing and revising again and again, it is right for more Chinese people to show their confident and brilliant smile!

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