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中国福彩网下载:Angelalign's 2018 Continuous A+ Plan Was Launched to Build China's Orthodontic Core Competitiveness

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On June 7, Angelalign 2018 A-Tech Conference opened in Shanghai. At the conference, Mr. Chen Kai, COO of Angelalign Group announced a big news that the 018 Continuous A+ plan will invest 100 million yuan per year in the next three years to build a high-tech digital orthodontic innovation research and development platform, which is open to doctors and institutions interested in enhancing Chinese orthodontic technology and services, and aimed at building China's orthodontic core competitiveness.


▲Chen Kai, COO of angelalign

In 2015, Angelalign Continuous A+ Plan announced that it would invest 100 million yuan in three years to do in-depth innovation research in software development, material science, biomechanics and clinical technology. In the past three years, many experts and excellent doctors have joined the Continuous A+ plan and achieved fruitful results together with Angelalign.

In 2015,Angelalign and Shen Gang Orthodontic Team collaborated to develop A6 invisible SGTB technology, becoming a new hope for patients with mandibular retrusions. Angelalign and Professor Chen Song of West China Hospital of Stamotology Sichuan University have proposed an invisible orthodontic solution A7 for cases of extraction of premolars. The precise control of complex cases is better than before.

In 2016, Angelalign successfully released the research and development progress of innovative projects such as A-Tree Intelligent Tooth Arrangement System of Hospital of Stomatology, Sun Yat-sen University and the A-Tree 3D Image Simulation System of Hospital of Stomatology, Nanjing Medical University.

In 2017, Angelalign and the world-renowned invisible orthodontic material research and development companies jointly created MasterControl materials, which are certified by the U.S. authoritative organization UCLA Dental Research Service Center. In the same year, MasterForce, a simulation mechanical platform system jointly launched by Angelalign and Professor Chen Song of West China Hospital of Stamotology Sichuan University, was officially released, fully opening up the mechanical black box of orthodontics and giving every step of tooth movement a basis.

In the past three years, the orthodontic industry in China has developed rapidly, and Angelalign has also become a leader in the industry, and even Continuous A+ Plan has become a platform of connection. Mr. Chen Kai, COO of Angelalign, said that only science and technology and innovation can drive Chinese orthodontics to stride forward. As a national brand, Angelalign has been working hard to promote the progress and development of Chinese orthodontics. We are glad to see that Chinese orthodontists advocate academic atmosphere and enterprising spirit, and believe that everyone will surely bring more innovative achievements for Chinese orthodontics in the future.

In the future, Continuous A+ plan hopes to set foot in a wider range of fields. It is Continuous A+ plan's mission to truly turn innovative research into real results and products, technology and service for the benefit of more people from a doctor's point of view and from the needs of users." Therefore, Angelalign is willing to provide funds to promote these technological explorations and build a platform for every scholar and doctor to exert their innovative ability, so that these technologies can be organically combined with the development of the market and efficiently transformed to bring practical benefits to the clinical practice. I believe that only in this way can Continuous A+ plan be sustainable, convertible and valuable," said Mr. Chen Kai.


At the conference, Mr. Chen Kai, COO of Angelalign, and members of the presidium of the conference jointly launched the 2018 Continuous A+ plan. Science & technology and innovation will depend on professionals' continuous progress in their specialized field. I hope more and more doctors can join, create and share the achievements of digital orthodontics on the platform of Continuous A+, and join hands to make Chinese orthodontics influence the world!

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