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中国福彩网20选5 Orthodontics Accompanies My Growth

First thing to tell everyone, I am 28 years old. Many people think it's silly to correct the teeth until 28 years old ... squandering money for buying pains. I don't have the courage to correct my teeth [embarrased] After all, I am getting older And also afraid of sequelae You have made a big mistake. It is the golden time of life to be 28 years old. There is a long way to go and it is never too late to work hard for it. Plastic surgery can only make you beautiful for a while, but orthodo

Diary details

Nickname: Nic

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2015-05-26
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 58 sets
The number of the aligner:54 sets

Doctor: Liang Jun / Shenzhen Humanity Hospital
Teeth?problem: Upper and lower dentition gap / need to admit the anterior / close clearance

What Makes a Handsome Man More Handsome: I Like It When People Envy My Regular Teeth [cool and happy


Nic, 25 years old, based in Shenzhen, have 58 sets of braces to wear, now at the 54th set.

I am handsome, with a wide range of hobbies, ambitious, kind-hearted, loving reading, having extensive knowledge, liking fitness and swimming (this is not a marriage advertisement, thank you)

Next, we have Nic to tell his story of braces.



Hello, everyone. I'm Nic.

Why did I make up my mind to correct teeth at the beginning? Most probably because the large gap between the teeth might signal the leakage of money.

My main problem is that the slits between teeth are relatively large. Apart from affecting the appearance, it is easy to leave residues in eating and it is more difficult to maintain oral hygiene.


The problem of teeth can be seen clearly in the film.

You could imagine how much money I have lost over the years: countless.

After doing a lot of study, I finally chose invisible braces.

On the one hand, it is not easy to scratch the mouth.

Second, there is no need to go to a doctor frequently for return visits, and I am very afraid of trouble.

Most importantly, others can't find it, it's beautiful and convenient, and I will quietly complete the orthodontic cause.


The picture above is a comparison of the teeth before and after correction. Please watch more of the picture on the right!

That's the reborn white teeth brought by 54 sets of braces.

"Aligh the upper and lower front teeth, close the sparse slits of front teeth."

- The goal of correction is almost being reached, and another 4 pairs will draw it to a close, perfect!




A complete look at the treatment effect achieved at present will reveal that it is really great!

In the past, I didn't like talking about teeth with people, and felt that my teeth were not good-looking, and there was a tendency for them to be more and more bad-looking.

The health of my teeth is also not good, and two of them have been treated with root canal therapy before correction.

I have spent a lot more energy on teeth than peers, and paid special attention teeth in daily life.

But now people often praise me face to face, saying that my teeth are really good and neat.

Do you understand that feeling of private joy?

Good-looking teeth, no matter in what kind of situation, will add a lot of points.

Invisible braces have accompanied me for more than two years, but no one has found me wearing braces, which I mentioned voluntarily with my more familiar friends.

Everyone's first reaction was to be curious. Everyone asked me to open my mouth to show them, ah ~ ~ ~

Then everyone will ask whether it is painful to be corrected or not, and what the effect will be.

In fact, many people are not satisfied with the status quo of their teeth, and they have thought more or less to correct them.

For such friends I would say:

Go to see the doctor and get a model right now!

Right now!

Correction is only a temporary pain with the wallet. Yet it will be a lifetime pain with the heart if you don't correct the teeth.


Of course, the premise of good correction is to be self-disciplined, patient, or to love your teeth enough, and brush them at least three times a day.

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