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中国福彩网20选5 Orthodontics Accompanies My Growth

First thing to tell everyone, I am 28 years old. Many people think it's silly to correct the teeth until 28 years old ... squandering money for buying pains. I don't have the courage to correct my teeth [embarrased] After all, I am getting older And also afraid of sequelae You have made a big mistake. It is the golden time of life to be 28 years old. There is a long way to go and it is never too late to work hard for it. Plastic surgery can only make you beautiful for a while, but orthodo

Diary details

Nickname: wuwu

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2015-12-01
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 50 sets
The number of the aligner:47 sets

Doctor: Liu Shan / Chengdu Xinqiao Stomatology
Teeth?problem: The upper and lower dental arch protrusion / Crowded

The Journey of Braces of A Chili Girl

Long, long ago, when I realized that my teeth were different from others, my mother told me that they were tiger teeth, a lovely symbol, so I grinned freely at any time. Later, wisdom teeth sprouted out, and I found that tiger teeth began to become less and less cute and even a little scary. At this time, I learned that wearing a chain of braces on the teeth could make them all return to their respective positions, but my mother, who was afraid of my suffering, still praised me for being good-looking without conscience ~ ~ ~

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After graduating from college, I became financially independent. I made a down payment with the money earned through my part-time job during college and started my orthodontic journey without hesitation. Alone, I completed a series of procedures such as collecting data, inspecting hospitals, choosing doctors, doing examination, making plans, pulling teeth and wearing braces. That feels great!

At first, because I pulled out my teeth, I grinned and saw four black holes that were extremely symmetrical, which made me look like Baiyun, the comedian character in a famous Chinese comedy work, but me without her companion Heitu seems more pathetic. I didn't expect to meet love until my teeth were corrected. I didn't expect a “blind” man to break into my life. He didn't see my ugliness of missing teeth, but feeling hurt for me with the four teeth I pulled out because of tooth decay. However, dear, my teeth are actually good, which I forced to pull out them for the sake of making room for closing in. Ha ha ha ha ha. So far, you still don't know it. How silly and lovely he is!

No matter where I go, I can forget everything, but my Angelalign braces. Before, I always thought of taking wedding photos and getting married when my teeth are all regualr , but later I figured out that I am the most real and beautiful the way I am at this stage. After all, I am fearless with Angelalign!

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In a word, Angelalign invisible braces, did not treat me, but "cured" me. From the time I came into contact with it, I have met my beautiful and generous doctor Liu Shan, and the good friends of Angel and Xiaobei, and I have also come to know many little angels with braces who have walked all the way along with me. We accompany each other and encourage each other. We will also make suggestions for each other when we are confused. We will also make fun of Angel and Xiaobei and the father of Angel together. They are really very nice and interesting people. It's good to meet you. Therefore, Angelalign not only corrected my teeth, but also cured my self-abased heart. Now I am more and more confident. I also wish all the braces friends prettier and better.

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