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中国福彩网20选5 Orthodontics Accompanies My Growth

First thing to tell everyone, I am 28 years old. Many people think it's silly to correct the teeth until 28 years old ... squandering money for buying pains. I don't have the courage to correct my teeth [embarrased] After all, I am getting older And also afraid of sequelae You have made a big mistake. It is the golden time of life to be 28 years old. There is a long way to go and it is never too late to work hard for it. Plastic surgery can only make you beautiful for a while, but orthodo

Diary details

Nickname: waiwai

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2016-08-01
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 60 sets
The number of the aligner:31 sets

Doctor: Chen Yuangao / Guangzhou Family Doctor Plastic Surgery
Teeth?problem: Crowded crowd / double canine needs to twist 90°

Steel Braces Are Ugly, But There Are Invisible Braces

In fact, the idea of correcting teeth has been in existence since junior high school, and every time I see a dentist, I have been advised to do it, but when I was young, I felt that "steel teeth are ugly, so I don't want to do it." In addition, I didn't realize the harm of tooth irregularity at that time and thought it had no effect.

With the increase of age, in addition to the increase of weight, there are more and more bold and unrestrained tiger teeth. I don't like grinning when taking pictures in daily life. I chuckled and was praised by friends as "smiling without laughing".


I can clearly see my crowded and chaotic teeth, and it was my mother's friend who gave me the blow. She said to my mother, "Your daughter looks pretty good, but it's a pity that the teeth look ugly, and a smile reveals it".

After learning the existence of transparent braces, my determination to correct teeth was strengthened. I really love Angelalign~


Last May, I went to several hospitals for consultation and chose this hospital after comprehensive consideration of the location and transportation price, but in fact, I did not visit this hospital frequently.

At the beginning of June, my mother gave me half of the cost of orthodontics after I did my duty as a good guide to take my mother on a trip. Love mommy!

When I went to the hospital in mid-June to get a model, the nurse was not very gentle.

In early July, I put on the 0th pair and began to adapt to two braces in my mouth. Once I went out to eat and wrapped them in napkins, which was thrown away as garbage … fortunately, it was the 0th pair.

The doctor showed me the corrective plan and animation, but I didn't know anything at the time. I chose to believe in the doctor.

In August, the wisdom teeth and the upper left 4th tooth were pulled out in two times, and the first set of braces was finally put on at the end of August after tooth extraction, slice cutting and attaching the accessories. Finally put on the 1st set of braces at the end of August. I saw some of my friends say it was painful to pull a tooth, but I didn't seem to have any feeling about it. I used anaesthetic before the forceps and then make a miracle. Then the nurse asked me to bite cotton for no more than 5 minutes, so my friends don't have to worry too much.

At that time, I didn't know that there was Ibesteeth, so I used the mobile phone memo and counting-down tool to record each visit and each pair of braces. This will help me to have a better grasp of my correction process and prevent mistakes.

I made a comparison between the 0 th pair and the last pair in the animation. Although I hope to hurry up to the last pair, I cannot rush. I tried to wear every pair for only 10 days at my own will. After the criticism of Angel, I still spent the full 14 days and 20 hours a day to ensure the best effect.

Advice for friends who have not yet started orthodontic treatment:

1. Consult several more hospitals and select one after comprehensive consideration according to your own situation. Be sure to consult Angel for the dentist recommended for your district.

2. Don't be afraid of pulling out teeth. You don't feel anything when anesthetized. You should follow the doctor's advice after pulling out your teeth. Don't eat overheated food to help the wound heal as soon as possible.

3. Believe in your doctor. If you have any questions, you should communicate with the doctor more. You can also join Angel's WeChat group and communicate more with us with experience.

4. After orthodontic treatment starts, it is clear to make records with Ibesteeth APP. Remember to take photos and compare them with each other. You will find great changes.

5. Don't worry! ! Follow the doctor's advice! !

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