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中国福彩网20选5 Orthodontics Accompanies My Growth

First thing to tell everyone, I am 28 years old. Many people think it's silly to correct the teeth until 28 years old ... squandering money for buying pains. I don't have the courage to correct my teeth [embarrased] After all, I am getting older And also afraid of sequelae You have made a big mistake. It is the golden time of life to be 28 years old. There is a long way to go and it is never too late to work hard for it. Plastic surgery can only make you beautiful for a while, but orthodo

Diary details

Nickname: Orange tree forest

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2015-04-01
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 94 sets
The number of the aligner:70 sets

Doctor: Li Ping / Shanxi Hamony Long General Dental Hospital
Teeth?problem: Defective dentition / deep occlusion / deep coverage / deformed / Individual posterior locking / Individual posterior crossbite

Ten Miles of Spring Breeze Is Not As Good As You--Angelalign

What kind of life we want to live consists of what kind of daily life, because life is the accumulation of every day. So we should grasp the present moment and take the opportunity to realize what you want.

Of course, correcting teeth is also a daily routine in my life. I am accustomed to carefully taking off the braces, Eating, brushing my teeth every day and going to the clinic every day.

The sets of braces are my daily routine and yours too…

Just for a better self ...

Before I wore the braces, the upper teeth was more protruding than the lower teeth, plus an old big decay tooth, which had accompanied me for more than ten years. Finally, one day it began to ache and I was willing to pull it out, ha, ha, ha

I didn't dare to smile because I had no image at all once I did! ! ! The gums are falling out! ! ! The exposed gingiva, irregular teeth, and a tiger tooth are always laughed at by classmates ...

(I just pulled out the big tooth decay, and the pain refreshed my cognition. I always thought I could bear it. When I pulled out the tooth, the doctor kept hammering it with a small hammer. I didn't cry, but it really hurt and hurt for three days and nights.)

Be sure to miss the menstrual period before pulling out the tooth. The doctor will stop bleeding with cotton balls in my mouth for about half an hour to 40 minutes. During this time, I can't spit out the blood in my mouth, or the wound will always bleed uncontrollably. I can't brush my teeth and rinse my mouth within 24 hours after pulling out the tooth. The diet is light and you can't lick the wound lest the wound should heal too slowly.

Caution!!! You must eat less sugar, brush teeth more, and fill up cavities quickly. I have always ignored them, and this is what I end up with.

Up to now, there has been a big change, but the correction is not over yet, and there is still a long line of braces waiting for me to wear …

It has been 808 days altogether. Some changes are not so obvious, and some other changes are pleasing. Please come to the comparison chart quickly

Every time I have subsequent appointment to the hospital and take photos, I will record them, which can be more real, not bloody though (the first group of photos is the first plan, and the next three groups are the second plan )

To date, there should be three plans in total. What is going on now is the revision of the second plan, that is, the third brace of the third plan (I don't know if you can understand my expression … ). My doctor is very responsible and will revise my plans patiently.

I was given 20 braces first. I see there are still a lot of braces to be followed. I can only stick to it now that I’ve made it to the 47th and 48th.?

Next is the comparison chart of braces, because I did the correction in my hometown, but I graduated from a university in Tianjin and now I am in Beijing. I can only bring home the old braces when I wear them to the date as scheduled. I can only use the comparison chart when I have free time to go home. Maybe I’ve not done it well. I hope you don't mind.

After tooth extraction the slits between the teeth were pushed forward a little bit until a few millimeters were left, and the crooked teeth were also straightened out, and the appearance was no longer affected by the irregular teeth.

When cleaning at ordinary times, floss, toothbrush, mouthwash and chews are absolutely necessary!

I'm used to them ~

Corrections are not a matter of overnight. Maybe some people will soon see the effect. Maybe it has been 800 days like me, but it is still in the middle stage. But we can't rush. We should be patient not only with doctors but also with Angelalign. I was anxious previously and seeing other people's beautiful teeth I would always envy them so much. Look at their own teeth and mind, I will feel heart-breaking… However, everything will have a perfect ending. If it hasn't improved yet, it will be a matter of timing and we only need to let things take their own its course.

  • 201709141523541505373834.png.jpg
  • 201709141523571505373837.png.jpg
  • 201709141523581505373838.png.jpg

These are all my daily routines … I wear braces to go here and there, and it becomes part of me. It does not make life complicated, but rather makes me more self-disciplined and free from procrastination, because I brush my teeth every day. Once a good habit is formed, other habits will also be affected. Loving myself more ...

Thank you, such a sincere platform of Angelalign and Ibesteeth! Thank you, my doctor!

Finally, gee, in the process of harvesting beautiful teeth, I also harvested love (wearing invisible braces to take an marriage certificate photo!)

I really want to get your blessing. I also want to set this passage pushed to the top for everyone to see our certificate photo (my secret intention haha)

How do I look?

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