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中国福彩网20选5 Orthodontics Accompanies My Growth

First thing to tell everyone, I am 28 years old. Many people think it's silly to correct the teeth until 28 years old ... squandering money for buying pains. I don't have the courage to correct my teeth [embarrased] After all, I am getting older And also afraid of sequelae You have made a big mistake. It is the golden time of life to be 28 years old. There is a long way to go and it is never too late to work hard for it. Plastic surgery can only make you beautiful for a while, but orthodo

Diary details

Nickname: Daiguai girl

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2015-06-01
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 60 sets
The number of the aligner:53 sets

Doctor: LiHu / Jiangsu Provincial Stomatological Hospital
Teeth?problem: Dentition sparse / deep occlusion / deep coverage

Angelalign - Thank You for Coming

My correction is almost over, the upper teeth already completed and the lower teeth are on the 58th set for the total 60 pairs.

Today I will tell you why I feel grateful to Angelalign~ Because it has really changed my life.

At first, I never took photos with my teeth bared. In the words of my friends, "as long as I don't open my mouth, I can still look good, but I will be scaring once exposing one mouthful of buck teeth". Besides, I basically don't take photos of the profile, as it is ugly and protruding, and I envy those whose side face forms a line. Also, when I fell asleep, my mouth was never closed because two buckteeth were grinning outside.

But since I started wearing braces and saw a lot of friends online recording their teeth as bared teeth, gradually I also started encouraging myself to take bared teeth photos! Such records are true and more confident.

  • 201709141519161505373556.png.jpg
  • 201709141519151505373555.png.jpg
  • 201709141519171505373557.png.jpg

And now it's like this ~ isn't it incredible ~ ha, ha, ha, ha

In fact, every day of tooth correction is about change and surprise. You may not feel it, but the people around you feel it deeply.

In the past two years when I corrected my teeth, my leaders and colleagues were very impressed, together with my friends. And two colleagues also did the correction for my recommendation.

The green part is the appearance of me wearing the first pair of braces, and the white part is the appearance of my 40th pair.

I think that the most important thing for dental correction is to have more communications with doctors, dental friends, professional organizations, and Angelalign and Ibesteeth have given us a good platform for communication and sharing. It enables more people to know about orthodontics. People around me all admire that I have changed a lot more than before, and it is also easy to make good friends. And several tooth friends have gradually become close friends after getting to know each other ~

Besides, I like working out and playing with dolls, and among my fitness and doll friends, there are also several who are getting orthodontic treatment, so we have a lot to chat together. Later, there were many common topics and it was also interesting to help each other keep the time of changing braces.

A girl's delicacy can be seen through her teeth, just like many stars will go to the orthodonticist when they become famous. It was after I saw the comparison of tooth correction shared by Gillian Chung and Elephant Dee that I began to be interested in orthodontics ~

It is really very important to have your teeth corrected, especially if you have periodontitis, or your teeth will spread out like an umbrella as you get older. Also, parents who have buckteeth should pay attention to it. Because buckteeth are inherited, those whose parents have buckteeth must also be adjusted.

Angelalign is really the most cost-effective with best outcome in invisible braces.

  • 201709141519231505373563.png.jpg
  • 201709141519221505373562.png.jpg
  • 201709141519251505373565.png.jpg

This is my previous braces, and there is still a gap between them and the current professional type. I like the braces now, which has spiral lines, matt, and more invisible and elastic options, and the time is shorter than that I did at that time. I have corrected it now for 2 years and 1 month, and if I correct it now, the time is shorter.

I suggest those who want to do it should seize the opportunity and not hesitate about it~ Finally I want to recommend you my toothbrush and mouthwash.

I've changed several brands of mouthwash, but I still think the best is that by Jiangsu Dental Hospital ~

Come on, orthodontic friends! Above all! For orthodontic treatment, just rely on Angelalign and Ibesteeth and don't hesitate anymore! We must believe in the excellent plans, first-class technology, brand recognition, hospital authority, and we must also believe that we will have good results!

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