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中国福彩网20选5 Orthodontics Accompanies My Growth

First thing to tell everyone, I am 28 years old. Many people think it's silly to correct the teeth until 28 years old ... squandering money for buying pains. I don't have the courage to correct my teeth [embarrased] After all, I am getting older And also afraid of sequelae You have made a big mistake. It is the golden time of life to be 28 years old. There is a long way to go and it is never too late to work hard for it. Plastic surgery can only make you beautiful for a while, but orthodo

Diary details

Nickname: ME

Date of wearing the first aligner: 2017-08-08
Product: angelalign

Total quantity: 99 sets
The number of the aligner:93 sets

Doctor: Wen Fu / Guangzhou Huamei Plastic Surgery Hospital
Teeth?problem: The upper and lower dental arch protrusion / Crowded

The 650 Days of Angelalign Invisible Orthodontics

When I was a child, my family members said I was kind of buck-teeth. My mother went to consult a doctor and when she heard that I was going to have a tooth pulled, the matter was dropped. In fact, before I went to college, I had never paid attention to the problem of my teeth. Once I had a meal with a friend and she said I had an irregular tooth. I began to pay attention to my teeth and cover them with my hands when laughing. I became not so confident. Later, when pulling out wisdom teeth, I also asked the doctor by the way whether I could correct my teeth so it could be nice and not protruding. The doctor touched my mouth and said that my problem was bony, that even orthodontics would not be effective and waste money. I had never thought about correction since then. Later, I accompanied others to Huamei for consulting, but I didn't know why it turned out that I was recommended by a consultant to go to a stomatologist. That was the first time I knew about invisible braces. I didn't think about anything else at that time. I only wanted to wear something invisible to others so as to quietly become beautiful. It was settled then.

Once the decision was made, I went right away to have my teeth filmed, take a dental model and send it to Shanghai for the plan-making. I asked the doctor then whether I could correct my tooth if it is bony? The doctor said he would only know after watching the image and by the way asked about my requirements. I said I hope the teeth to be neat and not protruding. At that time, my mother also asked me whether I could not pull a tooth, but the effect of keeping the tooth in my case was not as good as that of pulling it out. Perhaps the doctor also saw our concern and said he would do two plans, one for pulling a tooth and the other not. Then we could see the 3D to make an option.

After waiting for a month to see the 3D image, I decided to have the tooth pulled, feeling that the final result of tooth extraction would be good. To be noted, I was 25 years old and nearly 26 when I began to fix the problem of teeth: the teeth were a bit crowded, bucked and uneven. The doctor said it would take about two years to correct the problem. I finally chose Angelalign.

After choice was made, next it would be tooth extraction. Four No. 4 teeth were extracted in two times. Actually, the extraction did not hurt at all, including the wisdom teeth extracted before and the impacted teeth. You can avoid the pain of tooth extraction by finding an experienced doctor. I remember eating normally the next day after I extracted the tooth. After pulling out four teeth, the doctor gave me three sets of braces and planned to wait until the wound was healed before wearing them. My braces journey officially started. However, I didn't wash or fill my teeth before wearing the braces. I have two decayed teeth without being filled, either. I don't know why but I see everyone else has done this, so confused ~

On the first day, I wore braces at night. At first, my teeth didn't fit properly. I felt my mouth slightly opening and I couldn't speak clearly. I woke up with pain in the morning and only slept for more than three hours. Except for the big tooth, the front teeth were painful and couldn't bite anything at all. Even the peaches I liked to eat were cut into pieces. In order to make my teeth less painful, I basically swallowed them after chewing just few times. I was afraid to take off the braces. The pain caused by it would make me cry several times, but I didn't feel so painful after two or three days. The more I wore them, the less the pain. From not so quick at taking off the braces, I could gradually do it at one second. The number of times I brush my teeth increased and I ate less snacks. In order to avoid taking the braces down and delaying the correction time, I almost don't eat anything to ensure that the braces can be worn for more than 20 hours.

It takes a month to get used to speaking. Perhaps because of a tooth extraction, it will leak air and affect the pronunciation in speaking. Slowly the teeth slits will become bigger and the air leakage will be even worse. At this time, everything you eat will plug your teeth, so dental floss is essential to ensure that every tooth is clean and tidy. For everything you eat since correction, you will need to brush your teeth, and even when you go out, you will wear it with you.

After wearing the third braces, 12 accessories were added, and another 4 were added to the 10th braces, both having lost some accessory during the period. Then the doctor should be contacted immediately to repair the accessories, otherwise the effect of correction will be affected. The effect is not obvious in the first 100 days, but the change is that the teeth slits have become larger. From a pair of braces for 14 days to a pair for 13 days, for 12 days, and a change every 7 days (that would be after the 35th set of braces) … The reduction of time was only valid with the doctor's approval and I suggest the orthodontic friends not to reduce the time at will.

When I wore the 15th set, I only saw a slight change. At this time, I also had a slight change in the face as others in orthodontic treatment, but I don't worry about this. It is said that it will recover after correction. A comparison of teeth was made on the 188th day since wearing braces.

I usually return to the clinic once every 2 to 3 months. I always want to ask doctors a lot of questions every time I go there, but when I get there, I forget what to ask, like asking doctors about dental and bony problems, whether I have more dental or bony problems, and how much I can close in the teeth in the end. Finally, I will guess myself. It was only recently that the doctor explicitly told me that my problem is bony. Probably because of my family inheritance, dental problems also exist. The final effect of my 3D showed 4 mm inside.

Every time I took 10 to 20 pairs of braces, I would open the last brace to see the effect for giving myself some confidence. I don't know if it was for the wrong way of taking the braces or something, it started to crack on the 7th or 8th day, and some broke off on the 5th day, then I would wear the next pair without any impact. As long as I wore it for 5 days, the teeth were basically already finished their moving, but I still needed to consult the doctor. Angelalign has now changed new materials. It's stronger than before, and never cracked.

After wearing to the 26th pair for Day 300, the change is obvious. The change in the lower row of teeth is the biggest, and the missing tooth is also coming back soon. The upper tooth is not obviously closed in, the teeth begin to turn yellow, and the midline is slightly crooked.

The 34th pair of braces for Day 365. The lower row of teeth is almost aligned and the teeth are beginning to close in. For this period, it takes 8 days to change a pair of braces. The correction speed has increased a lot, the new braces also hurt a little, and the teeth are loose. To eat I can’t use too much force. Neither dare I brush teeth too hard on the morning, as it will hurt. I am afraid my teeth will fall off, the fruit I ate before is now cut into pieces.

39th pair for Day 400. The front teeth have been lined up and started to close in, and now the molars are being lined up. At this time, the tooth extraction gap is almost filled, and the teeth that were separated before are now beginning to close in slowly.

53rd pair for Day 500. The teeth are basically neat, the slits are closed, my face shape is also beginning to change, and the profile of my face comes to be good-looking. Laughing more confidently, ha ha.

The 60th braces for Day 550. The teeth have been lined up and are being closed in. It is wide between the teeth so that meat is always stuck in between. But I still hope to be able to close in a little more, because I want a perfect profile of the face. At this time I find that there is one in the lower teeth now becomes regular. There is a black triangle, and I know that the black triangle is irreversible ~

My orthodontic plan is designed to include 73 braces, but when I was wearing the 63rd braces, one of the accessories was lost and could not be attached by the doctor. It may be for the reason that later I had not worn the braces seriously and did not bite the glue well, so that one tooth fails to be aligned with the braces, which caused the accessory unable to match its position. Thus the last 10 pairs of braces could not be used and I entered the fine adjustment stage in advance. Therefore, you had better bite the glue well to ensure that every tooth can completely fit into the braces. All the photos I took were taken with braces, but the braces completely folded up will be invisible, with only bright teeth.

Correction is drawing to a close, and I also start to count down the days. After correction, I become more confident. From the initial chuckle to the present bared-teeth smile, it is right to choose correction. My colleagues can't understand why I spent tens of thousands of dollars on my teeth, but I think it is worth watching my changes all the time. I want to make myself better. To some people who still hesitate to correct because of their age, no more hesitation. Orthodontics has no age limit. Even when you are in your 50s, as long as you desire beauty, and think that you can become better, you can still correct it.

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